Marjorie Wallace

Marjorie Wallace

 Marjorie A. Wallace practices employment law throughout the state of California.  She is a longtime Bay Area resident with an office in Martinez, Contra Costa County.  Her strong beliefs about contributing to: workplace fairness, thriving small businesses and maintaining the backbone of our democracy–the Great American Middle Class, guide her law practice everyday.  She helps mostly middle class employees who want damages or changes in their workplace where they have endured discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage theft or retaliation when they spoke up against or reported workplace wrongs. She can also help middle class small business owners navigate often confusing labor and employment laws so they can maintain a workplace which helps their bottom line by rewarding teamwork, employee contribution and skill rather than enabling discrimination, distrust, bullying  and resentment.

While she focuses on representing mostly middle class, individual employees  who have discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour and retaliation claim against their public or private employers, she also relishes the opportunity to help small business employers stay compliant with current employment law and best practices and thereby avoid future litigation and an unhappy work force.

She prides herself on being an active listener who provides excellent and practical service at an affordable price. You can ask her about working with you on a limited scope basis where you do some of the groundwork to keep down your legal fees.

Ms. Wallace’s significant litigation experience in state and federal courts, makes her keenly aware that the current drastic budget cuts to our court system give new meaning to the word “delay”, since “justice delayed is justice denied”.  She will not hesitate to try a case, but will also go all out to try to resolve your legal dispute as cost efficiently as possible, without resort to costly litigation.

She actively volunteers in the community, most days frequents the local gym and hones her negotiating skills as the mother of a teenager.

She attended Yale Law School and UC Hastings College of the Law where she earned two law degrees: an LL.M. from Yale and a J.D. from UC Hastings.
Her B.A. in Psychology is from UCLA.
She also has an M.S.I.S. in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.
You can probably tell she knows what it is like to repay student loans.

Law Office of Marjorie A. Wallace
1155 C Arnold Drive, Suite 454
Martinez, CA 94553
maw@worklawmaw.com                  Your employment law advocate and advisor

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Since I am a California attorney, I do not know what the workplace harassment laws are in Canada. I haven’t had the chance to visit your wonderful country for a while, but thoroughly enjoyed myself when I did in the past. I hope you find some more anti-bullying resources or maybe you could contact the HWB people and get some help starting a Canadian counterpart.

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